Saturday, June 18, 2011

DUI check point(s)

So they have this awesome thing called a DUI checkpoint. I am not sure if any other state does this, but California has it and I think it is such a great idea to have it so that those driving under the influence can take responsibility for their actions. One thing that I have a problem is that people telling others about the check point and which street they should avoid.

This is not the first time I seen this posted, but I was on twitter and coming across a friends tweet about two DUI check points on certain streets, and alerting via tweet that people should be careful. It seems as though they make this announcement so that people who are partying or drinking, then decide to drive home will see this and avoid those areas. It really makes me mad that people would do this.

I have a strong hate with alcohol and people drinking and getting drunk, especially when I am around. I don't know what it is, but when I see people drinking and getting drunk, all I can think about is how ridicules they look and act when drunk, or why would they put their body through that. Do they not have self respect? I know I respect my body too much to put toxin in my body. Then again, who am I to say about their body, their body, so they should do what they want.

If it were me, and I knew about possible DUI check point, I would keep it to myself because I do not want anyone driving with alcohol in their system and putting innocent people in danger.

Nothing gets me more heated than the subject of alcohol and drunks. I have such strong opinions about it and I am not afraid to state how I feel about it. I have been pressured into drinking, or why I do not drink. I tell them that I have never gotten drunk, or taken a shot, yet they make such a big deal about it, like getting drunk is a mandatory. I will not give into peer pressure, nor will I allow myself to put toxin in my body. I choose not to drink because of personal reason, and I am so proud or that choice. Most people can't understand why, when I tell them I do not drink, it's always "why?" then tell people that it's fun. I don't see what is so fun or cool about it. only one person that I met recently when I told him I do not drink because of personal reason and that it was my choice for respecting my body, and because I want to follow the Catholic faith the best I could. He said that that I am smart for choosing this. I then thought, wow, here is someone who can respect mt decision, and not make such a big deal out of it.

Anyway, I apologize if I ever offend anyone about this topic. I am not judging those who do drink or look down on them, I am just stating my opinion on this whole matter because I am fed up with people getting away with driving under influence because of people alerting their friends and family about this DUI checkpoint.


Anonymous said...

I stopped drinking years and years ago. I admit I use to drink, but I took a cab to and from. My friends son was killed by a Drunk Driver so I am an advocate of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. I also have a Security Clearance which states that I cannot drink, nor ever have etc. I obey the laws. It is not easy to get this clearance but I have it and I am proud. Great new site Pauline!

pauline125 said...

Hi Jackie! I am so sorry to hear about your friend's son. I used to drink but I knew my limit, it was usually just a beer and that was it. nothing more. I used to watch those mothers against drink driving videos in high school, and occasionally I would see pictures about it and it was devastating to see something so horrific that it changed my view on alcohol and how people would abuse alcohol and drink till they get drunk. I have hear people say that they are buzzed, but was not drunk, therefor they thought that it was still ok to drive. I hated that they thought that way because it is sill a risk. I am so glad and so happy to hear that you always took a cab when you were unable to drive, I wish more people would obey the law. I am proud of you as well to have gotten the clearance. I think it's a great thing not drinking, I applaud you. Thank you for reading! :)

eof777 said...

It's really sad that people want to game the system when they know their behavior is criminal...
Hope you are enjoying you renew blog.