Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a Hot Wednesday

I assume today is the mark of summer and I am defiantly feeling the heat and I am not too fond of this weather. To be honest, I hate summer, I really hate the sun and the heat. I hate that I am so sensitive to the heat, first sign of heat and I am already sweating, it's embarrassing. I dont mind sweating when I am being active, but if I am just sitting around, or standing out in the sun, I break out in sweat and I drip. As I am typing this, sweat is dripping down my neck and forehead is moist from sweat. I do not like this weather, I do not like being hot. I want winter to come back already. Look at me summer has just begun and already I am sick of this scorching heat.

I still want to do more to this blog, so I guess slowly I will add more content and make it less boring looking.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that you said, I don't like the idea of aging and getting older" well, if you tell your mind to think I love the aging process, I love to get older and wiser - then you won't age. I hope this makes sense. And thanks for the graduation article, it's nice to know you and the real personal story. I went to a boarding school in High School, and graduated in 1985 and I remember that day so well. I also talk to some friends from my school on facebook, that is awesome. What I found out though is that one in 50 students actually write back and care. I love inter action with others, and if they choose not to do that, that is up to them. I have opportunities like with you. I love that. My daughter is 17 and a Senior in HS in August. I am so glad you shred. Jackie your fan.