Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since summer had just begun, I have been busy with graduations left and right. Starting with my little sister's high school graduation, followed by my little cousin's 8th grade promotion, then on Tuesdays, I was back in OC for two of my cousin's high school graduation...I was just in OC on Sunday for fathers day. Anyway, Summer is busy, filled with lots of family events that aunt has emailed us with already. I have cousins baby shower coming up soon. I have such an awesome family! I often get told by my friends how cool it is that my cousins and I all hang out and are so close. We do everything together, I have to say that we are our own cheer squad and friends :)

Anyway, Cousin's graduation was fun, very sunny and hot, I hid from the sun along with one of my cousin because well, lets face it, we hate the sun and didn't want to burn.High school graduation always makes me sad because it reminds me of the graduation I didn't have. By that, I mean that I did graduate from high school, but not with my friends because I moved to another city and school during the second semester of my junior year. I didn't know anyone, nor did I care too. I was still bitter and mad that I had to leave my life, and friends behind. So my senior year was not memorable or happy. I graduated with people I did not know. My high school graduation, I just wanted to leave. Having gone to my 3 little sister's high school graduation, and little cousins high school graduation, it makes me sad because I never had that. my high school graduation was also on the same same day that my cousin was graduation high school, so not many family were able to go to mine, then again, I lived like 45mins away from the rest of my family. Traffic on a weekday, yea, that made them want to come to mine.

Anyway, I wished my High school graduation could have been different. Makes me sad that I am getting older as well. I don't like the idea of myself aging and getting older.
These are only pictures of my cousins graduation from Tuesday,sister and little cousins 8th grade promotion will NOT be included in this post.

and....of course I was getting a little bored at the graduation, decided to randomly take a picture of something. Also, I had to change my camera setting so, had to do a test run.

which leads abstract-ish photo :)

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Popped over after your comment on my blog. I like your blog! I love family stories(It's almost as good as reading a novel).

Anyway, new follower.

Hope your weekend is great!