Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skin Care

I find myself obsessing over skincare. I am always looking at products, buying skin care products, and keeping my skin from being exposed too much to the sun. I have more skin care products than I do makeup. I think this is where most of my money goes. I feel that if anything, skin care products are the ones to splurge or spend money on.

We all have our obsessions and likes. Mine just so happens to be skin care. I think it has to do with wanting to keep my skin young and healthy looking. I know that a lot of Asians put a lot of money into skincare and keeping their skin healthy. My aunts are exactly like that, she spends a lot of her money on skin care products and now only uses Asian skin care products. I used to only use American Skincare products,but since I started using Asian skin care products, it seems to be the only skincare products i use now. why? because I feel like the American products does not do justice to my Asian skin. I find the Asian products more suitable to my skin and works better. I also used to use skin care products made in France. That too, also worked...somewhat but I use mostly only Asian products now. I still use American brands here and there. but only because Asian products are a little on the pricey side so yea. I just love skincare products and trying out new stuff and looking at skin care products.

I guess, I bring this up because I have been wanting to buy another skin care product, and have been looking at skincare products. I am so tempted, but I cant buy because I need the money for school. Until I can get a job, I will have to wait :(


Co Luu said...


you may not know me, but i saw your post on Dr. CW websites, and i happen to stumple on your website. i read this post and i thought it was kind of interesting that you have an obsession over skin care products. to me, i dont usually care for skin care products. the only skin product that i used is a moisturizer. you can get it at any store. i believe that laughing and being happy are the two things that make a person stay young and healthy. this is my way of staying and looking young:).

pauline125 said...

Skin care is one of my obsession, that along with tea and eating healthy. I also have to agree with you that laughing and being happy also makes a person stay yung and healthy....and of course what you call expression lines? haha. but I agree a 100 perfect with you on that.